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Aasal Almaimani: My Way To Game Design


What it takes to become a Game Designer for a girl grown up and studied in Saudi Arabia? We talked today to talented Aasal Almaimani, one of the Press Start Team members on her career in gaming industry, her favourite games, new technologies and more.

“My interest in game development started when I was in university. I went for computer science is a major knowing that it will teach me developing any type of applications. However most of all I wanted to develop games. I started getting into the field in 2018 when I joined Wadi Makkah Summer Training as a Game Developer where I learnt the basics of developing a game such as writing a Game Design Document, modelling my first 3D character using Blender and C# programming in Unity.”

What are the most important qualities for a game programmer?

“The ability to analyze and solve problems is important for a game programmer, and one way to improve it is through solving puzzles, playing strategy games and participating in programming competitions.”

How do you collaborate with other members of the development team, such as artists and designers, to bring your vision to life?

“Communication is the key for the team to work by regular meetings, sharing thoughts and concerns about the project”

What are some new technologies or innovations that you are excited about and how you see them shaping the future of gaming?

“AI technologies are being used to enhance various aspects of games, including character behaviors, procedural content generation, enemy AI, and player behavior prediction. These technologies can create more dynamic and adaptive gameplay experiences.”

What are your favourite games and why do you think people love games?

“Puzzles (Sudoku, Monument Valley), Room Escape (Cube Escape Collection, The Room Collection) and Boardgames (Ticket to Ride) are my favorite. People love games for a variety of reasons, some love them as a means of escaping reality and embark on an adventure in different worlds while others love games that can be played as a family or social activity.”

If not a game programmer, is there another profession you would choose?

“If not a Game Programmer maybe a Game Designer or a Front-End Developer since I like both programming and designing.”

What would you say to girls who dream to become a game designer?

“I would say believe in yourself, look for courses, tutorial and bootcamps to build your skills and knowledge and be proud of your achievements.”