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Data Analysis is a Bridge between Tech and Business


What skills are required to work in data analytics? What are the main challenges and motivators in the field? How to start a career in data analysis?

We are talking on these and other topics with Marc Escribano, who joined Sandsoft Games as a Director of Data&Analytics.

“Like many others, I have wanted to create video games since I was a kid playing with my PC and consoles. – says Marc. – I have always had this idea in my mind, and I’ve shaped my career path accordingly. However, during my university degree, I discovered the world of data and learned about how we can connect data to business decisions. It opened a world to me. So, why not combine my two passions?”

What do you like most in your job?

“This job is fantastic because we have one foot in business and the other in the tech engineering side.

I enjoy providing visibility in business because without data, we are usually blind. I appreciate the artistic aspect of dashboarding where you can create impactful storytelling. I also enjoy the results of managing big data structures in an efficient way. Furthermore, I like the idea of problem-solving and improving business through data analysis.”

AI will have a tremendously high impact on the evolvement of data analysis. However, I prefer to address the backbone and foundation of the data side before delving into AI. The significant change lies not solely in AI itself but in the fact that one does not need to be an expert to utilize and implement it. Nowadays, analysts can apply advanced analytics without being data scientists.

Having said that, what we have witnessed in recent years is that data collection has become easier, running the required infrastructure has also become more manageable, and the computational costs have become increasingly efficient year after year. When we consider all these factors together, we find ourselves in an ideal scenario to build whatever we desire. The key lies in designing a proper architecture for our data products and building them.”

What would be your advice to the young people pursuing a career in data science?

“Data science world changes so fast. Here, my advice would be to develop a critical mindset, be curious, be innovative, and don’t be afraid to fail. Today and tomorrow, it won’t always be necessary to build the best and most accurate model. What’s most important is to understand the business, identify problems and needs, and provide swift solutions. Make things happen.

And, of course, all of this must be accompanied by a positive attitude, always. Just dream and experiment; time will yield your results.”

We are happy and proud to welcome Marc Escribano to our team, and we are looking so much forward to all the great achievements and discoveries we will celebrate together at Sandsoft Games.