Embrace the Power of Togetherness: A Tapestry of Diversity and Unity 


People & Culture is at the core of the business strategy, to empower our Togetherness, to connect our business drivers, to ensure we develop a people-centric organization which is reflected in each and every company’s decision. At Sandsoft, we stand strong in the belief that our diversity is our strength, and our shared passion for gaming unites us as one family.

Within Sandsoft, you’ll find a colorful mosaic of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. Our team consists of over 22 nationalities, each member bringing a unique essence that enriches our collective journey. With over 20 languages spoken, we became One Team, we act as One on a Global scale, we celebrate the beauty of communication that transcends barriers and bridges continents.

We recognize that true creativity thrives in an inclusive environment, where every voice is heard and valued. We listen to each other and learn from each other. Our diverse perspectives ignite sparks of innovation, leading us to create games that resonate with players from every corner of the world. As we immerse ourselves in each other’s cultures, we discover a rich tapestry of inspiration that infuses our games with authentic and captivating experiences where every player feels to be represented.
Together, we form an unbreakable bond, transcending borders and language barriers. Our journey is not just about making games—it’s about fostering a global community that finds solace, excitement, and joy within the gaming universes we create.

With each game we release, we reinforce the idea that togetherness is not just a value but a way of life.

If this sounds inspiring to you, if you are passionate about mobile games, check our open positions! We are searching for you.