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Marekting in Gaming: Dare to Dream Big


Marketing plays a crucial role in growth of any business. And this is an exciting field to work in! We talked to Kenza Benomar, who joined Sandsoft Games as a Marketing Manager recently, about what it is like, to work in Marketing in the gaming industry.

What do you like most about being a marketing manager?
One of the things I absolutely love about being a marketing manager is the perfect blend of creativity and analysis it offers. It’s like having a playground for both my imagination and my reasoning skills. I get to dream up exciting campaigns and then put my analytical thinking hat on to challenge them and make them a reality.

Which skills are essential for achieving your goals as a marketing manager?
When it comes to achieving my goals as a marketing manager, I believe that a combination of passion, rigour, organisation, and team spirit is key. I approach my work with unwavering passion, pouring my heart into every project, and I believe that enthusiasm is contagious. Guided by clear short-term objectives and a long-term vision, I meticulously plan and execute tasks with precision. This ensures smooth progress and successful outcomes. Collaboration and effective teamwork, both internally and externally, play a vital role in accomplishing my marketing goals. Additionally, my curiosity drives me to better understand market needs and deliver innovative solutions. With this balanced approach, I strive to make a positive impact in the dynamic field of marketing.

How do your marketing skills and experience help you in life?
My marketing journey has a positive impact on both my professional and personal life. On a professional level, they’ve helped me develop a deep sense of empathy and understanding for others. In my personal life, these skills have allowed me to connect with people on a deeper level and navigate various social situations with ease. Marketing has also nurtured my curiosity, prompting me to continually explore and learn, enriching my overall perspective on life.

As a successful woman working in the gaming industry, what advice would you give to young girls pursuing a career in gaming today?
As a firm believer in gender equity, I want to say to all the young girls pursuing a career in the gaming industry: “Believe in yourselves and dare to dream big. Don’t let anyone tell you that your gender limits your potential. Surround yourselves with supportive friends, mentors & communities who will uplift you and help you grow. Remember that success is not measured by how others perceive you, but by how fulfilled you feel pursuing your passions. Be confident in your abilities, stay curious, and never stop learning. Remember that you have the power to turn your childhood dreams into your everyday reality. The gaming industry is evolving, and there’s a place for everyone who is willing to work hard and follow their passion.”

In your opinion, what has been the most significant change in the gaming industry in recent years that has had the biggest impact on marketing?
The gaming industry has seen remarkable changes that continue to bring excitement and innovation. One standout transformation for me is the rise of mobile gaming, making games accessible to a wider audience. It’s like having a world of entertainment in your pocket!
Live service games have also revolutionised the industry, offering ongoing content updates and interactive experiences. As marketers, we thrive on the challenge of keeping players engaged and delivering fresh, captivating content.

Another exciting trend is the collaboration & crossovers between games and IPs, like Free Fire x Street Fighter or the Last of Us series adaptation. These collaborations bring beloved characters and universes together, creating memorable experiences for gamers and fans alike.
Localization has also played a crucial role, adapting games to specific markets through language, culture, and dedicated events. It’s like giving players a personalised VIP experience!

As marketers, we embrace these dynamic changes, constantly adapting our strategies to engage players in innovative ways. We’re on a thrilling journey, shaping the future of gaming marketing with passion and strategy.