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Product Management in Games


The role of a product manager in the gaming industry is crucial for the successful development and release of games. A product manager acts as the bridge between the #development team, stakeholders, and the market. They are responsible for overseeing the entire lifecycle of a game, from ideation to post-launch support.

We asked Yasmeen Abbas, a talented Product Manager at Sandsoft Games about this important role, her favourite games and her way to the gaming industry.

“I like everything related to computer graphics, whether its animation or games, – told Yasmeen about her career decision. – I decided to work in the gaming industry, when I discovered that there are some companies in Jordan that develop and publish mobile games. I was lucky to meet the right person who saw the passion in me and gave me the #opportunity to start.”

What are the most exciting things about the role of a PM that keep you thrilled and motivated?

“Working on different game titles, and seeing good results after the hard work.”

If you would develop your own game what would the game be? What are your fav game genres?

“I would develop an interactive story mobile game. Even though I don’t play this specific game genre, but I see potential in developing such a game. A few games in this category are localized into the Arabic language, but in general, I enjoy playing Adventure Games.”

Which exciting game you are playing now / expect to be released?

“I have recently played a great game, it’s called ‘’A Short hike’’. At first I didn’t like the pixel graphics, but the gaming experience is great. It’s an adventure game that will relax you a lot, where the goal is to reach the top of the mountain to do a specific task (no spoilers ^^ ). During the journey you will meet different characters with interesting stories, and your job is to help them complete their tasks. If you ask me about my favorite games of all time, they are Little Nightmares, The Sims, Journey, and A Short Hike.”

What would be your advice to young females pursuing a career in gaming and in product management in particular?

“I would advise them to start working in a startup company, as they will learn a lot, not just in product management, but in different fields in the gaming industry, and then they would have an idea of what fields they want to consider as a career path.”