Blog Interview

Superpower For A Product Manager


“From my childhood, I have never stopped playing games with all kinds of devices. That makes me naturally soaked in the game industry and I am proud of myself that I am working in the industry which I love the most. – says Jongin Park, Product Manager at Sandsoft Games. – As the game devices are evolving, the game itself has been changed a lot. Since 2010, as games are playable on smartphone devices, the games have evolved in many different ways. When I look at these different movements to develop the game in many creative ways, it makes me challenge myself to create something new in the current market. It makes me motivated to try hard over and over again, to create something new, fun, mind blowing for global players.”

If you could choose one superpower what would that be? And how would you apply it to lead your product to success?

“I would like to have a superpower that can read the minds of all generations of people in the world. As technology is evolving fast, trends and life-style are changing fast also. So, it is hard to read future trends especially for the younger generation. To keep up the people’s needs in the game and to make creative coreplay, I want to use my superpower so that we all together can make new fun to satisfy future generations.

What’s your favourite game of all time, and what lessons have you learned from it that you apply to your work today?

“It’s really hard to pick 1 game of all time. But I would say as below per devices:

PC device game: Blade & Souls / Diablo 2 / Ragnarok / Lineage / Black Desert
Console device game: Monster Hunter / God of War
Mobile device game: Genshin Impact / Marvel Snap”

“Since I am in the mobile game industry, I would like to share my learning¬†from mobile device games. From Genshin Impact, I have learned that understanding target-audience is very important for making monetization strategy of the products. Unlike other mobile RPGs, Genshin Impact monetization was not based on PvP features and tension between players, but they have focused on player’s character affection and they enhanced liveops events and other features along with character affection to boost up their monetization strategy. I think that is the key point of Genshin Impact’s revenue success even though the game doesn’t have PvP features.”