Recently our hiring manager got an application for a creative position from a person who graduated from the Medical University. The applicant – an open-minded and smiling person – has already 5 years experience in digital art. This is only one of a million stories of people changing their profession for various reasons, taking a responsibility for their happiness, well-being, discovery and realization of their dreams.

According to the Career Change Poll held by Indeed, the main reasons that push us changing our careers are:

Feeling unhappy in previous job/sector – 81%

Wishing a greater flexibility – 79%

Searching to earn more money – 79%

Not feeling challenged enough in the previous job/sector – 78%

Searching opportunities to advance – 77%

Harris Poll Career Survey in the United States last year revealed that the majority (52%) of U.S. workers were considering a job change in 2021, and as many as 44% had already plans in place to make the leap. And these high numbers were there in 2018 before the pandemic, which, as we might think, could have a great impact on employees considering a drastic career change: 51% of workers were planning to change jobs in 2018 according to data from Statista.

The need of a change is even higher in Saudi Arabia and UAE: according to one of the latest researches run byLinkedIn, 70% of those surveyed said they have considered leaving — or have left — a job due to lack of flexibility.

Employment level in Saudi Arabia is the highest across Middle East. According to the World Bank, employment index in Saudi Arabia increased by 6.54% from 2019 to 2021; in Bahrain and Qatar – by 4.5% and 2.20% respectively.Experts predict a high rise of the employment index in the Middle East and North Africa till 2030, triggered by e-commerce, retail, healthcare and fintech industries. Apparently digital skills are going to be the key ones within talent demands in the region.

At Sandsoft we are happy to be the part of these changes by supporting local talent and creating the jobs not only in Saudi Arabia, but in the international arena, in one of the most exciting areas – gaming. Whether you are considering a career move or facing a choice of your first job or internship in gaming, check our career page.