The Role Of A Data Scientist In Gaming Industry


Meet Lucie Vrignaud, Junior Data Scientist at Sandsoft Games! Lucie joined our team recently out of Barcelona. We asked Lucie a couple of questions on her role, her experience and her advice to those pursuing a career in gaming industry and data science in particular.

“I am not a gamer myself and didn’t know much about the gaming world. This didn’t stop me from applying to Sandsoft. I jumped in a new adventure and I am now collaborating and learning every day from my coworkers that are highly experienced in this field,” – shared Lucie.

We are happy to confirm, that previous experience in gamingindustrymight not be a must for some positions at Sandsoft Games. We are very supportive to those, ready for new challenges, striving for more and open to new discoveries.

We asked Lucie if there is anything special about the gamingindustry she enjoys. “What makes the gaming industry so special is the work pace, – said Lucie. To find one good game you need a lot of game prototypes. This means that the team is working on a lot of different projects at the same time and new ones appear relatively often. You therefore have many opportunities to work on different topics and won’t get bored easily. I would also add that it’s a very open-minded and welcoming field, the work environment is very pleasant.”

Lucie is convinced that data analytics plays essential role in gamingindustry, and we cannot agree more! “Data analytics is very important in the gaming industry. Launching a great game is the main goal of a gaming company, however, how do you know if your game is indeed great? Data analytics enables you to analyze the main KPIs of a game to assess its success or the players’ behavior to optimize their gaming experience or the marketing campaigns to make them as effective and relevant as possible.”

Since we are building an inclusive workplace at Sandsoft Games, feedback of each team member is highly valuable. We asked Lucie to share her honest opinion on how it feels like, being a Sandsofter. “It has been less than two months that I am part of the company, yet I feel totally included, I was warmly welcome as a new member of the team from the first day. My onboarding process was a little bit hectic on the technical side, as Sandsoft is a startup, the processes aren’t fully organized, and I intend on improving this with my feedbacks for the future newcomers.”

Seeking for a role in data science? Here is Lucie’s advice: “If you are thinking of starting your journey in data analytics, go for it! It’s a profession in full expansion that is looked for in many different fields. Start by building your programming skills on SQL and Python with courses and begin applying. If you have an analytical brain and you are curious and perseverant, this job is for you.”

Inspired by Lucie’s story? Check our open positions, we are looking for more awesome minds to join us!