The Role of an IT Manager in Gaming Industry


Gaming industry is unique in terms of inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds. More diversification in production teams would result in games that attract diverse audiences and offer experiences for broader audiences. At Sandsoft, people from various backgrounds complement and inspire each other, this enriching and improving processes and results. We learn from each other every day and definitely we enjoy it. Can we say it’s a dream job? We asked a few questions Nawaf Abdullah, our IT Manager about his experience of being a part of Sandsoft.

“It was fate. – said Nawaf. – I was an IT manager for a healthcare company when I spotted an opening for a position that was identical to mine while searching LinkedIn for game companies in Riyadh. I am a gamer myself, the sci-fi/Cyberpunk genre is my favourite, and I am currently looking forward to playing “The Callisto Protocol” from the “Dead Space” creator.”

Nawaf is convinced that IT management is critical for the gaming industry, as gaming companies are “tech-enabled” businesses that require a wide range of software, hardware, cloud infrastructure, and information security to succeed. We could not disagree!

Nawaf Abdullah joined Sandsoft a couple of months ago, and we could not resist asking our new recruit, what it is like, to work at Sandsoft, compared to other companies he worked previously. “Of course, I noticed that we are people-centric, – replied Nawaf. – And our core values are growth, togetherness, and boldness, which is awesome.” Indeed, Sandsoft’s Culture is “the glue” which enables our company’s success. It has been founded on the values and beliefs that set the ground for the collective behaviour, fostering your people’s growth and their sense of belonging, and developing a unique employee value proposition. We are happy that our employees feel it and follow it. In fact, we enjoyed numerous discussions altogether before we came up to these three values essential for Sandsoft.

We asked Nawaf, what are the most exciting things about his role that keep him thrilled and motivated. “I enjoy assisting people in becoming more productive, as well as the rapid change in the technology industry, such as VR, Blockchain, Metaverse, and so on.
However, the role of an IT Manager has changed recently, because remote working and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies became common, which added to the complexity of protecting and securing the company’s IT assets.”

Are you excited about the gaming industry as much as Nawaf? Are you creative, open-minded and entrepreneurial? Check the positions open at Sandsoft now, do not be shy to apply!