Ever dreamed to switch the rain behind the window to summer all year round?

Sandsoft is hiring across gaming disciplines in sunny Riyadh. Not only you will enjoy a modern infrastructure, welcoming culture, friendly colleagues, dream job in gaming industry, but you will also be able to discover the whole beauty of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How difficult is it to relocate and what to expect if you decide to join us on our journey? We asked a few questions to our colleagues to shed a bit of a light on the process, challenges and advantages.

Our amazing Human Resources Officer Saja Alqurnas on relocation process: “If you decide to take an adventurous leap and join us at our Riyadh office, we’ll help you though a comprehensive relocation package and personalised support for your self and your family. You will also be happy to learn that Saudi Arabia has one of the most well-developed healthcare systems in the MENA region. The country features other perks such as optional compound housing, tax-free income, a modern lifestyle, child-safe environment as well as top of the line primary school up to high school education options.”

Our Head of Data and Analytics Ángel Narciso has gone through the relocation himself, and shared with us his honest yet inspiring experience: “As a Western expat living in Riyadh, I have found the city to be a convenient and modern place to live with a high standard of living. However, there are some challenges in Riyadh as a foreigner. For example, the strict adherence to traditional roles and the ban on some core elements of the Western lifestyle take some getting used to. Additionally, the hot and dry climate may be difficult to adjust to for some people. Despite these challenges, my experience living in Riyadh has been mostly positive.”

CEO at Sandsoft Games David Fernandez Remesal on Sandsoft’s culture: “Our internal DNA starts with our shared values as team which can be simplified in us creating the right environment for creative entrepreneurial teams to learn, grow and succeed. Sandsoft is always considering employees feedback to understand how to balance best work and personal life. We have flexible working schedule with core office hours as well as remote work policy that enables us to balance out-of-the-work commitments.”

VP Riyadh Studio Yahsir Qureshi is convinced that “everyone in our team is a game maker. Whether you are an artist, programmer, designer, productmanager, you are a key stakeholder and your role and voice is critical to the games that we make.”

Does it sound like a great inspiring challenge for you? We are looking forward to meet you. Please check open positions and send us your CV!