About our studios and Offices

  • We based our picks on the city infrastructure, quality of life, and opportunities for development and growth for both the company and every new member of our growing family.

  • Every studio has access to all necessary decision-making and management tools in order to ensure efficiency, transparency, and profitability as as well avoid bureaucracy.

We are

  • 3D Artists

  • Visionaries

  • Directors

  • Animators

  • Developers

  • Administrators

  • VFX Artists

  • Designers

  • Producers

  • Engineers

  • Analysts

  • Project Managers

  • Creatives

  • Animators

  • 3D Artists


Quotes of Sandsoft Employees

  • Our internal DNA starts with our shared values as team which can be simplified in us creating the right environment for creative entrepreneurial teams to learn, grow and succeed. Sandsoft is always considering employees feedback to understand how to balance best work and personal life. We have flexible working schedule with core office hours as well as remote work policy that enables us to balance out-of-the-work commitments.

    David Fernandez Remesal


  • Since I was a little kid, I have always loved video games and spent all of my free time playing on my Sega Master System and Nintendo Game Boy and wanted to be involved in the creation of a game that other people loved. Now, I am lucky to find myself working for Sandsoft and its amazing team where I can see how the sausage gets made and help on the legal side of thing.

    Bandar Alanazi

    Legal Assistant

  • Entering the game industry is fun, beautiful and diverse. Not everyone who works in the games industry has to specialize and study video game design! In any gaming company, you will find Marketing Department, Legal Department, Financial Department, HR Department.. but in general, it will require you to be close to the gaming world and keeping pace, creativity, positivity, flexibility and ability to accept repeated failures. It may seem to some that the world of the gaming industry is just as fun as playing these games - the reality is not like that, but without a doubt, it is a wonderful field that is not devoid of fun.

    Abdulrahman Al Refai

  • The blessing and the curse of data scientists is that they have to be updating their skills and knowledge constantly. So although sometimes it may be stressful, it gives you the opportunity to discover new technologies, industries, methodologies and scientific developments all the time. In my case, as in Sandsoft I look after data engineering and data strategy as well, this is multiplied by 3, so definitely I do not have time to get bored!

    Angel Narciso

    Head of Data & Analytics

  • Slika


    Our remote work policy provides an opportunity to work from home for a certain number of days per year, leading to better work-life balance. Employees can also use it as an opportunity to visit another studio and get more insights about the progress of a project that they are working on.

  • Slika

    Bi-Annual events for the whole team

    We share plans, results, achievements, learnings, and strategic vision of the company's development. It's not all business talk, though, we also have a lot of fun discovering local traditions, history and delicious food.


    Let’s create great things together

    Check our open positions and send us your CV now! Please check the benefits section, feedback of the current team members, and each studio section, if you’re still hesitant! 🙂